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termite family

While termites may seem small, their mobility and "teamwork" make them very destructive. These pests can chew through lead, asphalt, plaster, and mortar in search of wood to destroy. They like wood because that is their food source. They enter homes through soil, openings in woodwork, and rotted wood areas. If you see pellets that look like sawdust on your window sills, that may mean you have termites.

If you have had your home inspected and have discovered a termite colony exist or do not know if they are still active please call our office immediately and we will do a free inspection and develop a plan of action to eliminate an active colony.

If you see a swarm of flying insects in the spring this could be a sign that there is an active colony under your home destroying the structure. Andover Pest uses state of the art Termiticides to rid your home of these damaging insects. We also provide Termite baiting Systems that protect your home from future invasions and acts as a warning system to the infiltration of termites. Once Termites are detected APC will add a bait poison which the Termites share thus killing them off. Please see our video on Termites below.

For prevention, pressure treatments for wood and metal screen barriers will reduce the chances of termites getting in.

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