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Complete Integrated Pest Management Service

Home Protection Plans

no pests in house

We here at APC feel it is out job to make sure your home is protected. After all, it is an investment of a lifetime. Most homes are under constant attack from outside invaders. That's why Andover Pest has a plan that is economical, and most importantly will keep your home virtually pest free. we can do this all on a schedule that is convenient for you and your family. After we inspect your entire home for a variety of pests, we will come to your home in the spring and then in the fall to treat the complete exterior of your home. This treatment will warranty your home and will cover most general pests and if a retreatment is needed there is no additional charge.

This Home Protection Plan will cover the following pests:
Carpenter Ants, Sugar Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, centipedes, Millipedes, Crickets, Silverfish, Exterior Bee Hives, or Wasp Nest, and a few other General Crawling Insects, Mice and Rats

You as a homeowner can sign up for this type of plan on a yearly basis, and if at the end of the year of first service if you are not happy with our service you may cancel simply by calling us or informing one of our technicians.

So whether or not you just want a one time treatment for a certain pest issue resolved without having the plan we can also do a one time treatment complete with a guaranty that your pest issue will be resolved.

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Business Protection Plans

no pests in business

We here at Andover Pest Control feel it is our job to protect your business. After all, a clean-looking facility free of pests is important so your customers will feel comfortable while visiting your place of business and will always return. Most businesses are under constant attack from outside invaders. That's why APC has a plan that is economical, and most importantly will keep your business virtually pest-free. First we do a complete inspection of your entire facility (interior and exterior) for all types of pest-related issues. After we have identified and treated all pests we will come back to your business on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on how serious the problem is) to prevent then from returning. We will send your pests on vacation "Permanently." The key to successful pest control is prevention. These treatments will warranty your business place and will cover most general pests.

We will always call first to set up and confirm your inspection so it is convenient for your manager and your customers won't even know we were there. APC will leave an easy to read invoice at time of service and will specify which type of issues are currently going on. Should you need additional services between scheduled visits, just call our office to make an appointment.

This business plan covers the following pests:
Carpenter ants, sugar ants, cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, silverfish, exterior bee hives or nests, other general crawling insects, mice, and rats.

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