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Andover Pest Control Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are tiny, oval brown insects that love to burrow in linens and soft materials such as blankets, pillows, sheets, curtains, and clothing. They feed off of animal and human blood which they can obtain through dead skin cells and biting you. They do not transmit disease; however, they lay hundreds of eggs, multiply quickly, and are an extreme nuisance. Bed bugs can enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, and used furniture and are active at night. They move very quickly so they can be hard to catch.

Andover Pest Control will help you get rid of these gross, musty-smelling pests. First, we recommend that you wash all linens and materials affected by the bed bugs in hot water and dry on high. We will come in and use a chemical treatment that is safe for bedrooms and use a vacuum to gather up the dead bugs and remove them. To prevent the return of bed bugs in the future, in addition to washing all the linen materials in your home, get rid of old suitcases that are in bad repair, clean up clutter around your bed, replace mattress covers, and seal up any cracks in wallpaper or woodwork.

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