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There are a few common species of ants that can make their way into your home and cause and an annoying, unsightly, and potentially dangerous mess. Carpenter ants are the large black ones that build tunneled galleries and love to make their nest in wood and sawdust. Red ants can bite and while their venom is not extremely dangerous, it will cause itchy bumps that are uncomfortable. Then there are the small brown ants that gather in massive groups. Each of these can get into your home through cracks, open windows, and spaces in the foundation or walls.

Ants are attracted to sweet, sticky, and strong smelling food or other odors, so keeping a clean kitchen area and removing trash from the home will help keep them away. If you catch a small group of ants right away, you can fend them off with a pest spray and clean up the area. If you've already got critters running around threatening to take over, Andover Pest Control can help. Ants can deposit their waste products in your home which will contaminate food and cause allergic reactions. We want to eliminate the health risk to you and your family. We will set up traps that have poisonous bait to lure and capture the ants for removal. If necessary, we will use chemicals to fumigate the home that will kill the ants but will not cause harm to people or pets. It can take a few days' worth of applications to completely remove the infestation, so be patient and the experts at Andover Pest Control will thoroughly check to make sure all ants have been removed before calling the job complete.

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